About Compassionate Care Wellness CBD

Compassionate Care Wellness is not your average Cannabis consultant Company  In fact, we pride ourselves on being completely unique among medical cannabis  Providers in California .


As a powerful and potent natural healing alternative, medical cannabis has many different applications for many different people. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will work with you in a private and personal setting to help you get the most from your medicine. We are a true community collective–and our members enjoy the individual attention of a strong family environment.


We believe in the importance of education, access to resources, and raising awareness. Working with a tight network of local growers, we provide only the best medical Cannabis San Diego has to offer. All of our products are produced in a clean and sustainable fashion. Our commitment to quality and service shows in every interaction.


Your well-being is our top priority! Whether you require delivery, a place to rest and relax, or a shoulder to lean on…consider Compassionate Care Wellness your home for Alturnitive healing.

Compassionate Care Wellness is like no other consulting company we have 8 years of clean medical  growing. 5 years of direct one on one patient to Patient care and 5 years of product development. We are equipped to provide classes and training on proper ways to medicate in a controlled environment.

Members feel comfortable with their cannavisor and provide information on which medications help and what needs to change.

Over the last 5 years We have worked one on one with hundreds of people including their

Families to develop plans and cores of actions utilizing cannabis as their primary and secondary form of self Healing.

We have utilize what was learned from the the patients to develop products and product line that directly help with specific and multiple elements. We have developed products with rapid delivery methods and popular delivery methods. The way cannabis is extracted directly affects the way it is absorbed into the body it

also affects the shelf life. Our proprietary process alows cannabis to naturally absorb into your blood. We have developed and are developing new products to meet the increase in demand of new delivery methods.

We have tested effectiveness and popularity at Compassionate Care Wellness over the last 5 years and have had tremendously good results with all our members and collectives we work with. We Specialize in high CBD Cannabis and balanced ratios .




CCW Gardening
Sycamore Ave. & S. Melrose Dr.
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Voice: (760) 845-0659
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